The AGN and the documentary protection in San Andrés, Providencia y Santa Catalina

San Andrés protects its memory and cultural identity through its documentary heritage

Since mid-2013, the General Archive of the Nation has worked with the San Andrés, Providencia y Santa Catalina’s government and population in the valuation, conservation, and organization of the region’s documentary heritage, aiming to guarantee its disposition and proper use. This work’s importance lies within the documentary heritage value in the collective memory construction and the cultural identity strengthening. Thus, the AGN makes available this website to the community, which seeks to create a communication space between and for the community and to divulge its historical documents.

The community

This is a space for the Islander community that aims to generate discussion forums about specific topics of regional interest and to exchange information, such as cultural publications, photos, or cultural, academic, or social events, among others.

Know the language

In this space, you will find historical and linguistic information about the Islander Creole and a digital dictionary in Spanish-English-Creole with a varied repertoire of words and sentences used in the Islands. This will allow the protection and strengthening of the language and its dissemination to a wider audience.


A space to publish and to consult the historical documentary archives related to the Islands in possession of the AGN, regional entities, or the community. These archives can be consulted freely and transparently by the interested public.